New Hostess Twinkies, favorite snack now in chocolate and peanut butter


Twinkies are a classic, favorite snack food. Just announced, new Hostess Twinkies are available in a chocolate and peanut butter flavor.

Twinkies are part of the snacking culture. From a lunchbox treat to a late night indulgence, the cream filled sponge cake is always a popular choice. Over the years, the Twinkie flavor has never changed. But, Hostess is adapting to consumers’ wants. The new Hostess Twinkies come in chocolate peanut butter flavor.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a classic flavor combination. The salty peanut butter balances the sweetness of the chocolate. Numerous candies and snacks feature this classic pairing. Still, the classic combination never gets old.

The new Twinkies feature a chocolate sponge cake with a creamy peanut butter crème filling. The newest flavor combination will be sold in both individual servings and multipack boxes. Stores should have this new flavor on the shelves soon.

According to Burke Raine, Hostess Brands Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, “This peanut butter-filled treat comes on the heels of our recent introduction of Hostess Chocolate Cake Twinkies and is another a prime example of our efforts to embrace consumer flavor trends.”

Twinkie The Kid, at SSE17, photo by Cristine Struble

Predicting flavor trends and consumer preferences is a difficult job. A company must balance the loyalists against the trend setters. Some Twinkie fans will strongly oppose this new flavor combination. Any change to the original Twinkie formula could offend loyalists. But, Hostess isn’t eliminating the original yellow sponge cake and crème filling.

The addition of both the chocolate peanut butter and the chocolate cake Twinkies show that consumers want more chocolate snacks. Chocolate makes many people happy. Some scientific evidence suggests that chocolate creates a chemical reaction to improve moods. Then again, chocolate snacks taste yummy. Personally, I would always choose chocolate over vanilla.

At the recent Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, Hostess had many of these chocolate snacks available for tasting. The chocolate Twinkies had the same light, sponge cake as the classic variety. The crème fillings tasted good, but like the original, I was craving more filling. But, who doesn’t want a little more cream filling in a Twinkie?

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With the New Hostess Twinkies, everyone can find a snack cake that they enjoy. Chocolate fans and traditionalists can enjoy the iconic baked goods. Just don’t bring up the Twinkie urban legend stories anymore.