PB&J Oreos sound great, might be terrible and are in stores now


Just in time for back-to-school mania, limited edition PB&J Oreos are in (certain) stores now.

Oreos might be the eighth wonder of the modern world. The simple cookie is truly the gift that keeps on giving. So many desserts (cheesecake, milkshakes) and desserts-in-disguise (donuts, frappe coffee beverages) are better when made with Oreos. (Cookies N’ Creme is a top 5 dessert flavor but that’s an argument for another time.) Moreover, Mondelez and Nabisco have really committed to investing a bottomless fund into developing Oreos in new and sometimes questionable flavors. Which, in turn, opens up a wealth of potential for all the above Oreo-flavored desserts in Oreo flavors. Flavored Oreo Oreo-flavored desserts.

Anyways, Nabisco has announced a new Oreo flavor available only in Kroger stores: PB&J.

The peanut butter creme and jelly creme are sandwiched between two “PB&J Cookie Magic” cookies. It’s a tad vague, but enticing enough. You, however, may share the question of one of my very astute Oreo enthusiast friends: What flavor jelly? Based on the packaging and the jelly flavor in Jelly Donut Oreos, it appears we’re working with raspberry. (The ideal jam for the best PB&J is also another debate, but raspberry is the correct answer there too.)

It’s unclear, as of yet, whether “Kroger exclusive” means truly just Kroger stores or also stores owned by Kroger, which include Mariano’s, Dillons, Harris Teeter, and so on. In any case, this is a big win for the store, considering Target is a Noted Destination for varied flavors of Oreos.

Like many food takes, Oreo flavors can be incredibly divisive in certain circles, at least my circles, but it’s also true that some people have never had anything but the original flavor Oreo. This is certainly one way to live. You are protected from the horror of Banana Split Oreos, but never experience the joy of Cinnamon Roll Oreos.

Anyways, PB&J Oreos sound fantastic, but only time and taste tests will tell.