Candy corn soft serve is a red herring in the annual candy corn wars


The happiest place on earth offers the most controversial Halloween candy in ice cream form, or does it?

On select fall nights, Walt Disney World plays hosts to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. At said party, guests to the park can enjoy a variety of Halloween-themed treats, such as the spiced pumpkin waffle sundae or hitchhiking ghost popcorn buckets. And, buckle up, you can partake in something called candy corn soft serve ice cream.

Candy corn is renowned as one of, if not the, most divisive Halloween candy. People love it. People hate it. There’s no denying its widespread popularity, it’s just about as unavoidable to find and fight about as pumpkin spice.

But before we get into important matters of taste vis-a-vis candy corn soft serve, we must acknowledge the dessert is very pretty.

Anyways. Back on track. The true flavor of candy corn is a bit of a mystery. Candy corn is its own flavor, really. Made from corn syrup, sugar and vanilla extract, the orange and yellow sugary bites are intended to have a creamy marshmallow-like flavor. (You can also get candy corn in other flavors — like cookie flavored, there are so many types of cookie flavors.) In any case, something candy corn flavored should resemble a buttery caramel flavor.

As such, candy corn soft serve is a tad of a misnomer. Because the ice cream is really just a blend of orange and vanilla soft serve, sprinkled with candy corn. The Disney Food Blog reports that, at least in 2013, the flavors blended into an overall creamsicle effect. (The blog also reports a change in venue, from Storybook Treats to Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies.)

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Now, a creamsicle ice cream cone does sound delightful, if you like orange flavored things and creamsicles. But, it doesn’t quite require the heated rhetoric that “candy corn soft serve” inspires. Talk to us when there’s really candy corn flavored soft serve to fight about.