5 potential flavors for the Mystery Oreo, all at least better than Banana Split Oreos

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According to super-sleuth Instagram account Junk Food Aisle, Nabisco will soon be releasing a limited edition Mystery Oreo.

The thing with the new Oreo flavors is that sometimes, often even, they are very, very bad. (But bless Nabisco for their willingness to keep trying — occasionally, like with Cinnamon Roll Oreos, they are very good!) The worst Oreo flavor — at least the worst we have personally ever tried — is Banana Split. Banana Split Oreos are the absolute negative worth that other Oreos just need to be marginally better than. Which is to say, while the risk is high, the bar for these Mystery Oreos is incredibly low.

Commenters on the Junk Food Aisle ‘gram threw out their ideas and best guesses for the Mystery flavor and they are mostly what you would expect given the white filling: coconut, peppermint, marshmallow.

But those are very basic ideas and we’re here to take Mystery Oreo flavor theorizing to the next level. And so, we present to you five potential flavors for the Mystery Oreo, that at bare minimum cannot be as bad as Banana Split Oreos.

5. Cake Batter

Brownie Batter Oreos are pretty excellent, if you like a lot of chocolate and/or brownie batter. Birthday Cake Oreos are inoffensive. Cake batter itself is a fairly popular Thing, featuring often in ice cream, dips and the like. And so an inspired flavor of cake batter Oreo filling could perhaps make for a truly wonderful Mystery Oreo. (It even fills a rather necessary Mystery Flavor criterion: that of not being totally identifiable when not spelled out on the packaging.)

Plus, given Nabisco’s tendency to take inspiration from other desserts and/or baked goods — they’ve been on a real pie kick — it seems like a safe guess. A safe guess that is sure as heck better than Banana Split.