5 foods that are better wrapped in bacon

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Credit: Smith’s Hotdogs / Facebook

4. Bacon-wrapped cinnamon roll

Another illustrious, albeit less incendiary, entry in the sweet/salty power category, the bacon-wrapped cinnamon roll is a little more intricate than the other bacon-wrapped items on this list. Which is just to say, the wrapping happens inside the roll. It, in fact, follows the natural wrap of the cinnamon roll in what appears to be a fit so perfect it was designed with the addition of bacon in mind.

Bacon and cinnamon rolls also share a common breakfast/brunch-based heritage, so the flavor combination shouldn’t be too unexpected, lest that strawberry-bacon concept still has you shook.

5. Bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs

i.e. Bacon-wrapped cocktail weiners, i.e., bacon-wrapped Lil Smokies

Bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs, sometimes called cocktail weiners, or, as we recently learned, Lil Smokies, are an all-time classic appetizer, and one that is shockingly, upsettingly absent from most bar appetizer menus.

In any case, itty bitty cocktail weiners are often excellent on their own — usually as a result of a really great marinade or sauce. But there’s a ceiling to how good a Lil Smokie can be as a standalone, toothpick-skewered delight. Bacon, however, enthusiastically shatters that snack ceiling. Bacon wraps easily around a mini HD and doesn’t even get in the way of the aforementioned toothpick.

To really live your best life, find yourself some mini hot dogs wrapped in bacon inside a crescent roll and thrive.