20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Marvel’s Luke Cage – Chipotle 

Marvel’s Luke Cage is all about power. The series takes a close look at how power is gained, wielded and lost by individuals operating at various levels of society. On the show, the different ways characters use their power offers insight into their character. Luke (Mike Colter) using his power to selflessly protect his community. On the contrary, Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali), Diamondback (Erik LaRay Harvey) and Black Mariah (Alfre Woodard) use theirs to enrich themselves and prey upon the weak. As a tip of the hat to Luke Cage’s central theme, you should bring some Chipotle to your next binge-watch.

With its commitment to using organic ingredients, offering vegetarian options and maintaining a menu that is lower in carbs, fats and sugars than many of its contemporaries, Chipotle is one of the healthiest fast food franchises in the country. Instead of being afflicted with the dreaded McBrick feeling, you can actually feel powerful after eating a burrito bowl, trio of corn-shelled tacos or sofritas salad. All those veggies and lean proteins will satisfy your stomach while also giving you the energy to make empowering life decisions. After knocking out a Chipotle-enhanced new season of Luke Cage, you might start taking the stairs, passing on dessert and renewing your gym membership.

Because if there’s one thing you want to do after spending 13-hours looking at Mike Colter’s formidable torso and arms, it’s hit the weight room. Dude is undeniably jacked and at some point, you’ll inevitably compare his chiseled physique to your own. When that happens, you want to be surrounded by relatively healthy foods that will inspire feelings of righteousness, not a dizzying shame spiral.