Wondering how to brew the perfect cup of tea, expert reveals all!


Thought you knew how to brew the perfect cup of tea? An expert has weighed in to set the record straight!

Do you add milk to your cup before or after you pour the tea? Do you even add milk? How long do you allow the tea to brew for? These may sound like trivial questions to the uninitiated. But for all of us who want a perfect cup of tea. This is no trivial matter.

Well, to help with this matter, an expert on the subject of tea has decided to throw their hat into the ring in order to help us out.

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Our expert, Neil Phillips, first of all, starts with the most important, and most debatable question, when do you add the milk? For those adding the milk in last. You are doing it correctly. Milk comes last when making a cup of tea but the reason is not quite as straightforward as you think.

Tea & Class

You see it is all to do with class. Lower-class usually drank from normal, unrefined clay mugs. Because of this, they needed to add the milk first. Otherwise, they risked their mug breaking when adding the hot tea.

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Whereas the upper class usually drank from bone china. They, therefore, did not need to worry about their cup breaking so added the milk last. So while the milk should be added last rather than first, it is more for appearance’s sake than anything else.


When it comes to how long you let your tea brew for, Neil has a more defined answer. He says that most of us are actually guilty of under brewing our tea. That it should be brewed for about four minutes rather than the two minutes most are guilty of doing.

He does go on to explain that it does depend on what type of tea you drink. Green tea, for example, does not normally need to brew for as long.

Neill also discusses how you should stir your tea, but just like the milk conundrum, this is more to do with appearances than anything else.

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So, are you already brewing the perfect cup of tea? Will you be about to change your ways? Or do you think Neill is talking nonsense? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.