McDonald’s makes kangaroos angry! Yes, really!


Australians have been warned to stop feeding kangaroos McDonald’s after a series of recent attacks.

While most people are simply feeding ducks bread, the Australians and tourists in Australia have gone one step further in feeding the wildlife. They’ve opted to give kangaroos McDonald’s. Yes, really!

Okay, so it’s not just McDonald’s and it’s mostly tourists that are doing it.They’ve been feeding the wild animals all types of junk food and now many of the creatures have started attacking people. New South Wales local MP, Greg Piper, has confirmed that some visitors have ended up with injuries, including one man who got a gash to the stomach for his efforts.

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Many of the attacks have happened on Morisset hospital grounds, which is both a psychiatric hospital and popular tourist site close to Lake Macquarie. Many travel sites suggest that tourists visit here to see the kangaroos in the wild for free. While that isn’t the problem, it’s the feeding of the animals.

It’s not just the feeding of the food. Kangaroos are kicking out because of the rustle of packets and the smell of the food. They know what you have and they will attack to get. The best thing you can do is watch the wild animals without eating for a while. Save the snacks for the journey back to your hotel.

Honestly, just don’t feed the animals! You’re doing more harm than good and not just to yourself! Kangaroos graze on grass. Giving them any of the processed food is dangerous to them. Recent research shows that animals can become addicted to the sugar and that can mean behavioral changes and future health problems. They know how to fend for themselves, so just keep all temptation away!

While kangaroos can seem like cute furry animals, they’re not. They’re wild creatures and will attack if they feel threatened. Don’t try to pet them and don’t feed them. Watch from a safe distance and all will be okay!

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What do you think about the kangaroos going daft for McDonald’s? Do you think we only have ourselves to blame for this? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.