Meet the beer you can get year-round at the Family Business Beer Co.


Supernatural star Jensen Ackles has gone from a fictional family business to a real one. Now his brewery is open, it’s time to delve into the offerings on-site.

In case you missed it, Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles has gone into a very real family business, after years of working in a dangerous fictional one in the series. With his wife and brother-in-law, he’s set out on a brewery business with the Family Business Beer Co. That brewery is now open for business and this is the perfect time to year to plan your trip.

But what can you get throughout the year? While there are some seasonal offerings, these are the ones that you’ll be safe asking for all year round.

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For the pale ale fans

If you like a good pale ale that’s slightly lower in alcohol percentage, then there are a few available to try.

The Hamilton Pale is one of the favorites at 4.9% abv. It offers a tropical/citrusy flavor with a crisp and dry taste.

The Foxy Rye Lager is the next on the list, at a slightly higher alcohol percentage of 5% abv. This one has a slightly more malty and spicy taste, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a kick.

Then there’s the Ghost White IPA, which is another fruity lager with a hint of spice. Think of it like a good Belgian beer at a 4.9% abv.

The darker ales

If you’re looking for something a little darker, then it’s the Cosmic Cowboy IPA that you’ll want to reach for. While there’s a hint of citrus, this is also a more piney beer and one of the strongest beers available at the Family Business Beer Co. at 7% abv.

The King Biscuit ESB has a nutty and toffee flavor. This darker, balanced beer is one of the lowest at 5% abv.

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For those looking for something a little stronger, Haulin’ Oats Brown Ale is available at 5.2% abv. This one has a toasty flavor, a little like oatmeal cookies.

Stout lovers have an option

And if you prefer a good stout, you’ll want to opt for Grackle Hill Country Imperial Stout. This is the only year-round stout available, with the highest strength of 8.9% abv. It’s a pitch black stout with a rich, roasty taste. You’ll love it if you love Guinness.

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Are you planning a visit to the Family Business Beer Co.? Which would your preferred year-round drink be? Drop us a note in the comments below.