It’s official: You’ll now see the calorie count on food labels


Restaurants and food businesses with 20 stores or more will now have to show the calories in their foods. You can now make healthier choices easier.

As of today, food businesses with at least 20 stores will need to show the amount of calories you’ll consume in their meals. While some businesses won’t see a change because they’ve been doing it for years, those that have fought hard against this have lost.

It’s time to put the consumer first. This is the chance to make it easier for consumers to make the healthier choices when they’re in the restaurant.

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The Food and Drug Administration has sort of been on board with this, but not quite in the way the government hoped. The calorie information on labels had been part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, but it’s taken until now to come into effect. However, the FDA does see it has a good thing since consumers can make choices that are healthier for them without too much hassle.

Watch how you follow the calories

Just a word of warning about the calorie labels: they’re just an average label. After all, different sizes of the steaks and different amount of fries put on your plate will directly affect the amount you’re going to eat. There’s room for human error in the serving sizes and any alternatives added in.

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What the calories may show you is how healthy salads aren’t. The dressings can sometimes be worse than burgers! So, while you thought you were making the best choice, you’ve not been. The calorie labeling will at least help you know this right away.

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Also look out for the breakdown of calories. This can help you make better choices on the toppings that you get on things like your burgers and burritos. You’ll have the chance to understand where your calories are actually coming from.

Are labels worth it?

There has been mixed reviews and studies about whether calorie labeling affects choices. While some say they choose the lower calorie meals, others make it clear that they eat what they want.

Sometimes you just want a juicy burger with all the works. Other times you want to eat a delicious salad. At least the calorie labels will help you make a choice if that’s something that concerns you or will give you the figures after you’ve eaten it. There’s no harm in it being there, right?

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Will the calorie labels change the way you choose food when out? Has it affected you in the past? Share your thoughts in the comments below.