The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 episode 5: North Pole preschoolers

Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, as seen on Outchef'd, Season 2. Image courtesy Food Network /

The Big Bake: Holiday season 4 was back with a new episode and three new teams to show off what they could do. This week was all about showing what the North Pole would be like if everyone was a preschooler, Santa and Mrs. Clause included.

The teams this week included Team Holly Jolly Besties with Rachel, Aliya, and Sheila, Team Snow Offs with Darmayne, Journey, and Katie, and Team Sleigh All Day with Jujhar, Linda, and Sara.

Team Holly Jolly Besties made a cake showing the North Pole nursery with a toddler elf having a temper tantrum, a mischievous reindeer, and a toddler Santa Clause writing a love letter to his future Mrs. Clause. Their toddler elf even cried real tears!

Team Snow Offs made a cake showing off toddler Santa having a hot cocoa stand. But when one of the cups of cocoa spills over, one of his penguin friends jumps to the rescue to save the cocoa from hitting the snow. They had cocoa flowing out of the cake and one of the penguins moving.

The Big Bake: Holiday went to preschool this week

Team Sleigh All Day showed the North Pole celebrating Diwali! They showed off Holly (AKA young Mrs. Clause), a big (very real-looking) tree, a cute AF penguin, and a little toddler named Zora. Holly moved in a circle, the penguin held a lit sparkler, and Zora’s eyes moved back and forth. The team also had all these characters wearing traditional Indian attire, and the tree had Diwali-inspired ornaments.

There was also a twist the teams had to work into their bake. They had to make Care Bears out of chiffon cake. Each time received a specific Care Bear they had to create. Snow Offs received Share Bear, Sleigh All Day got Sunshine Bear, and Holly Jolly Besties were given Cheer Bear!

But what about the cake flavors? That’s the best part, right? Team Holly Jolly Besties made a cinnamon bun cake, Team Snow Offs made a chocolate, peppermint, and chili cake, and Team Sleigh All Day made a cardamom, pistachio, and candied orange peel cake.

The judges loved all the bakes, but they did think that the Snow Offs needed more toddlers and that Holly Jolly Besties should have added more cinnamon crumble to their cake.

So who won the $10,000? It was Team Sleigh All Day! Their bake and design were absolute perfection.

Next episode, a new group of bakers will have to make cakes featuring a fun winter wonderland with snowpeople, penguins, and more.

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