Why are people tweeting #NationalCaesarDay?


Is it have a salad day? Is it stab a Roman Emperor in the back day? Why are people tweeting #NationalCaesarDay?

Well, it is actually none of the above. #NationalCaesarDay has nothing to do with Romans or salad. It is all to do with those funny sounding, very polite Canadians.

In the states, May 17 is National Cherry Cobbler Day. In Canada, May 17 is National Caesar Day. Or at least it is this year. Caesar Day occurs each year in Canada but only on the Thursday before the unofficial kick-off to Summer, May 2-4. So next year everyone will be tweeting #NationalCaesarDay on a different day.

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And on this day, Canadians, and anyone else who wants to join in, will celebrate the day by making a Caesar cocktail. Dubbed by some as the national drink of Canada, but I am sure that would be debatable.

There are plenty of versions of the cocktail out there but pretty much a classic Caesar contains, Vodka, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and a caesar mix (tomato juice and clam broth). Served over ice in a large glass with a celery salt rim. It is usually garnished with either a stalk of celery and a wedge of lime.

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Think of it as a Bloody Mary cocktail but with clam broth.

It’s a strange mix, but it is one that plenty of people around Canada, and most likely other places in the world, are drinking right now.

So if you were wondering why are people tweeting #NationalCaesarDay. It’s because it is Caesar Day in Canada and you celebrate by having a Caesar.

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Will you be trying your very own Caesar cocktail tonight? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.