Vancouver Craft Beer Week expecting thousands: Still time to get your tickets


Vancouver Craft Beer week has officially started. It will run until June 3 and is expected to be the busiest yet, but there’s still time to get your tickets.

Vancouver’s Craft Beer Week officially started on Friday. Gone from the one-day event it was when it started nine years ago to the week-long event it is now, the whole event is expected to draw in thousands of people. Running until June 3, there is still time to get your tickets and experience all things craft.

But why is it expected to draw in so many people this year? Well, it’s all about the World Beer Cup. Yes, this is a thing and it was held on May 3 this year at Nashville. The bi-annual event 14 Canadians win, with eight of those coming from Vancouver’s province, British Columbia. On top of that, B.C.’s craft beer makes up around 25% of the overall beer market. Yes, it’s a big thing and the locals absolutely love it.

(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

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There is just something extra special about Vancouver Craft Beer Week. It’s all about the locals coming together and there are more than 100 breweries and cider farms who will attend the event this year, drawing in their clientele and fans.

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Plus, it’s an event that fully supports the local charities, which is always a sure-fire way to get people interested and draw them in. This year’s chosen charity is the East Vancouver Boxing Club. While it initially looks like a for-profit organization, the East Vancouver Boxing Club has organized a number of self-defense classes for the local people, and it’s especially beneficial for women in the LGBTQ community.

Will you attend Vancouver Craft Beer Week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Vancouver Craft Beer Week tickets are available here.