Are Millennials the reason for vegan beer?


A current study suggests that millennials are the reason for vegan and gluten-free beer. Is it that or just the fact we know more about our food and drink?

GlobalData has recently stated that vegan beer is going to grow in popularity because of millennials. According to Aleksandrina Yotova, a consumer analyst at the digital media company, millennials are more careful about the food and drink they consume. Millennials are more likely to be conscious of the meat and animal products they eat and have started to push for more gluten-free and vegan products.

But is this really the case? While millennials possibly help, isn’t there just more of a move towards healthier living? Aren’t we all more conscious of the types of products that we do eat, what happens to animals before they’re killed for food, and just how certain ingredients and proteins, like gluten, affect our bodies?

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On top of that, don’t we believe more inequality and inclusivity? Isn’t there a push to accept more dietary requirements in restaurants and other food places, including the way that beer is made? Surely all this together means that there’s more of a move towards the likes of vegan beer.

More access to information

We certainly have more access to information. With that comes more people reading the studies and learning more about how animals are treated and what gluten can do to the digestive system. There are so many diets that it’s become hard to keep track, but they all have one goal in mind: to be healthier individuals.

Part of that comes to the alcohol drank. There are studies that show alcohol can be good for you, but you want to drink the right type. And you want to be able to continue following your lifestyle or dietary needs. That’s leading to a growing push for vegan beer.

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It just so happens that millennials are getting to that point where they’re starting to make a difference. However, Generation Z is starting to get to a point where they can influence markets and take control. Born between 1995 and 2012, this generation has the chance to understand more about how food and drink affect the bodies and can help to continue the push for vegan beer.

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Depends on the millennial bracket

One of the issues I have with this argument is that it really depends on where you draw the line for the millennial bracket. If you’re looking at the 1977-1994 range, then millennials certainly have a major role in this access to information and influencing marketing and business decisions. However, speak to most people born before 1984 and they’ll likely believe they fit more in the Generation X bracket.

People can also be connected to those born in the early 80s (with 1982-1984 as a starting point) and some will say those born in the early 2000s are still part of the millennial crowd. This is one of those generation brackets that is fluid and can’t really be determined, and it’s certainly started to gain a negative name!

While it’s possible that millennials have helped to encourage some of the change, they’re not fully to thank for the move to vegan beer. It’s more to do with technology and the ability to gain more information and use it to our advantage.

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Do you think vegan beer is thanks to millennials? Is it more the access to information that’s helped? Share your thoughts in the comments below.