Twitter users react to the Ontario PC Party’s plans for ‘buck a beer’


Leader of the Ontario PC party, Doug Ford, has promised ‘buck a beer’ in his elections. However, Twitter users have taken to joking about the policy.

The Ontario elections are just over two weeks away and some of the parties are still to release their platforms. The Ontario PC Party is one of those parties, but the members do have time to discuss a super, duper, important topic: The price of beer.

Yes, if you couldn’t tell, that was sarcastic.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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With the rising cost of hydro in the province and multiple schools facing closures, there are far more important topics to discuss. However Doug Ford has decided to focus on the “buck a beer” promise, as well as seeing the selling of beer open to more grocery stores and even to smaller stores. Right now, the Liberals have only just opened the sale in some grocery stores.

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Voters on Twitter have taken to the social media site to bring up their thoughts on the election promise. Mostly, there’s a lot of sarcasm about it, because quite frankly the voters need a platform. It’s time to judge each of the parties on all their policies and not something about a minimum price for the sale of a bottle of beer to a buck. Some users asked whether the “buck a beer” was the Ontario PC Party platform.

Others have brought up some serious questions about the topic. There’s no discussion on how the government can force private businesses to reduce the price of beers. While some may, very few will reduce to just $1 per bottle. There wouldn’t be a profit and these are private businesses.

There are also concerns about what this could mean for alcoholics and those with mental illness. Would cheap alcohol not just make some of the problems worse since it would be easier to afford the alcohol? Many voters want to see more on the rising costs of prescriptions and dental work. Cheap beer isn’t going to fix that.

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The Ontario PC Party is the only party to discuss the cost of alcohol as one of the “bigger” promises and that may be for a reason. It’s clear that the cost of beer isn’t the major issue that the party thinks it is.