Canadian Brewing Awards 2018: Winners announced


The Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 winners were announced during the Halifax Convention Centre gala ceremony. Just how were they decided?

During the closing event for the Halifax Convention Centre gala ceremony, the winners of the Canadian Brewing Awards 2018 were announced. The three-day conference had attracted brewers and professionals from around the country for the Ontario event. A Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal were awarded for the majority of categories—although some didn’t quite meet the threshold for all three awards.

Judging was done through blind tasting with judges. All judges are Beer Judge Certificate Program-certified (BJCP-certified), which means they have been through training to understand the different tastes of various types of beers, appreciate various qualities, and have developed standardized tools and methods of measurements to judge breweries.

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

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The awards ceremony was streamed live online for all those who wanted to watch it but couldn’t make it to Halifax. Categories included European Style Lager, Traditional German Style, and Brown Ale. There are an astonishing 55 separate beer categories in total, with two extra awards for Beer of the Year and Best of Show.

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You can see the full list of winners, including the beer that won and the brewery that makes the beers here.

This was the 16th year for the Canadian Brewing Awards and the show has only grown with each year. The organizers have now opened the Cider Brewing Awards, which will operate in much of the same way. The submissions opened in February with the deadline extended to June 22. All shipments must be received in the first two weeks of July for testing and the winners will be announced August 30.

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Was your favorite brewery on the list? Will you try the various beers that have won? Share your thoughts in the comments below.