Cannabis Beer could be hitting store shelves soon


Canadians could see a significant change to their beer store shelves as cannabis beer is fast becoming a reality.

Imagine walking into your local beer store. You’re scanning the shelves. Lager, stout, ale, cannabis beer, light beer, cider. Hang on a minute, cannabis beer? Did I just see that right?

That is exactly what Canadians could be looking at as a Toronto based company is looking to produce cannabis beer. The soon-to-be legalized drug is a cousin of hops, the main ingredient and what gives beer its flavor.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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With the legalization of the drug on the horizon in Canada, it shouldn’t really come as a massive shock that companies are already looking at the new business possibilities the legalization of the drug offers. However, cannabis beer is still a bit of a shock.

Yet the company thinking of producing the beer argues that removing the alcohol element of the beer and replace the hops with cannabis is actually a much safer alternative than what we already have. Arguing that cannabis is a safer and healthier alternative to alcohol.

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Right now the company is still in the testing stages of if they can produce a cannabis beer or not. Yet with the law still to pass over the legalization of cannabis, even if the beer was ready, they could still not sell at this point. Septemeber is the most likely time we would see such beers hitting store shelves.

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What do you think about cannabis beer? Is it something you would drink if available? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts.