Is free Nandos enough to draw in new UK Conservative Party members?


The Conservative Party in the UK thinks it has the perfect way to bring in new party members. Well, who doesn’t love free Nandos?

Sign up to become a member of the Tory Party in the UK and you’ll get your hands on free Nandos. Yes, that’s the current idea to boost subscriptions, because they have gone drastically down in the last few years. Who wouldn’t love free Nandos? Sure’ll you’d spend £25 per year on the subscription, right?

Well, it’s not just Nandos. The party is looking at offering a discount card for other food, clothing, and a few other select purchases. The exact offers would depend on the businesses that would like to take part in the initiative. Right now, nobody has been asked.

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

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Is it really enough to boost party subscriptions? It seems a little like putting the head in the sand over the real problems; putting a band-aid over a bullet hole type of approach. Maybe it’s time for the political parties to look at why their popularity is going down—and why popularity for other parties is going up. It’s definitely got nothing to do with the lack of free Nandos.

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Also, it turns out that Nandos isn’t interested in this idea. The chicken restaurant states that no political discount cards exist and it has no political affiliation. It’s probably a smart decision. Most people would likely walk away if they thought the company had chosen a side in politics. Best for businesses like this to just stay out of it.

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Would free Nandos be enough to draw you into a party subscription? Did Nandos do the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.