Restaurant chain brings food waste menu: Would you eat nothing but food waste?


There’s a growing concern about the amount of waste of good food. Now a restaurant chain is working on reducing that by only offering food waste on its menu.

If you knew that a restaurant chain was using only food waste, would you eat there? That’s a question you’ll need to answer for yourself, as that’s exactly what one restaurant chain is starting to do. Don’t worry; this isn’t about to make you ill. The food waste just turns out to be over-ripe mangos, day-old bread, and some tomatoes with a few blemishes…the items that grocery stores just can’t sell!

The idea of this brilliant new chain is to reduce food waste. A lot of good food can be left to rot because it’s not considered good enough to sell. It can be as simple as a bruise on an apple, but customers don’t want to buy it. That means the food piles up in the trash.

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Bart Roetert was frustrated when he saw the type of food piling in the trash when it could have been used, so he decided to take steps to rectify this. At the time, there was a business competition running in Roetert’s country, the Netherlands, so he and some friends decided to group together to enter the competition as Instock, a restaurant that would use surplus grocery store food that would otherwise go to waste as the basis to make delicious food.

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It all started with one pop-up restaurant in central Amsterdam in 2013 and has now grown to three permanent restaurants in the city. There’s also an online store that sells products to chefs and companies. This has also grown to a school food waste program to help children learn more about food, where it goes, and what can be done.

The restaurant wants to be more environmentally conscious and that starts by reducing the food waste from the grocery stores. Why let good food go to waste because there’s one blemish or it’s day-old bread? Hey, day-old bread is extremely useful for some dishes!

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So, let’s answer that question: would you eat there? I certainly would!