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It’s time for the teams to learn from their mentors. Here’s what to expect from Masterchef Season 9, Episode 5 and how to watch live.

Masterchef Season 9 has moved on from the selection round. The judges have their teams and it’s time for them to become mentors to the budding chefs. This week on Episode 5, titled “Gordon Ramsay’s Masterclass,” it’s Gordon Ramsay’s turn to show all the chefs how to break down a crab properly and it’s certainly not as easy as it looks. After this, the chefs will need to replicate his actions and then make his famous crab Benedict.

All the chefs will be in the same room. They’re all cooking the same dish and up against each other. Two will be going home at the end of this, so it’s going to be a fight for survival. However, it looks like all the judges are having fun when it comes to watching the chefs recreate the dish—and react to the very live crabs.

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It’s not clear if more will actually go home. The promo makes a point that this is a fight for the top 20, but there are only two going home. That would mean it’s a fight for the top 22. Is there another twist in store during the episode? Will the two go home somehow turn into four?

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Remember it’s only an hour-long episode this week, unlike the previous two weeks of double episodes.

Check out the synopsis and promo for Masterchef Season 9, Episode 5.

"Gordon Ramsay teaches the home cooks how to properly break down a crab; the contestants must replicate his work; the cooks must make Ramsay’s signature crab Benedict dish during an elimination challenge."

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Watch Masterchef Season 9, Episode 5 online

Don’t miss this episode live. Here are all your live streaming details you need.

Date: Wednesday, June 13
Start Time: 8 p.m. EST
Episode: Season 9, Episode 5, “Gordon Ramsay Masterclass”
Network: FOX
Streams: Stream 1 | Stream 2