32 beers to drink during the World Cup 2018

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Russia: Opt for Baltilka

If you’re going to support the World Cup 2018 home nation, then you’ll want to drink its most popular beer: Baltilka. It’s a brash beer and the aroma isn’t for everyone. Just try it to say you’ve made your way through all 32 beers from the World Cup nations.

Saudia Arabia: Drink Barbican

Like Iran, Saudia Arabia is a booze-free nation, which means it’s a 0 percent ABV offering. However, this is a drink hat looks like beer. Its watermelon juice that’s refreshing and tasty and you can easily find it in Asian food stores.

Senegal: Try PangPang

Get a taste of tropical Africa with PangPang. It’s a fruity-scented beer, but you’ll get a clean taste with every mouthful. Plus, at 4.5 percent, there are no complaints.

Serbia: Jelen Pivo is the one to try

The leading brew from this Eastern European nation is Serbia. This is another brash beer and may not be something you’re used to trying. It is relatively strong at 5 percent ABV.

South Korea: Opt for Hite

Another 4.3 percent ABV drink, Hite will have plenty of people joking about the name. However, it’s one of the more refreshing drinks and perfect on a hot day while you watch the soccer in your home. You’ll definitely want to get the BBQ going at the same time!

Spain: Mahou is worth the try

There are a few Spanish beers available in stores, but one you may have overlooked is Mahou. It’s the most popular in the nation but is a complex beer that brings you different tastes and aromas. It’s intense too, making it the perfect options with snacks.

Switzerland: Go for the 1936 Biere

When you want a drink that is crisp and easy to enjoy, 1936 Biere is one of your best options. It does have a 4.7 percent ABV, but you’ll barely taste it while you drink.

Sweden: Pistonhead Custom Lagar is popular

Like the Danish, the Swedes certainly know how to make their alcohol. When you want a trendy Scandinavian larger that has a citrusy spicy edge, this is the one you’re going to want to try. It’s at 4.6 percent ABV, so somewhere in the middle ground.

Tunisia: Go strong with the Big Eagle

At 6.5 percent ABV, this is definitely one of the strongest beers on the list. Big Eagle will bring you everything you need from a beer. If you like ales, you’ll definitely love this one.

Uruguay: Try out Barbot Stout

If you want a good stout, Uruguay’s Barbot Stout is the place to turn. It has a coffee and cocoa aroma, bringing you a full-bodied drink that you’ll enjoy throughout the game. There’s a good mixture of dryness and sweetness with each sip.

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