5 Starbucks summer drinks you need to try

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(Photo by Melanie Conner/Getty Images)

#4. Teavana Sparkling Berry Sangria Herbal Tea

When you want something that is caffeine and fat-free, you’ll certainly want to turn to the Teavana Sparkling Berry Sangria Herbal Tea. Don’t worry! There’s no alcohol in this. The “sangria” is simply the name given because it will look and taste like you’re having a cheeky sangria during the day. It’s all about the fruit and the refreshment on a hot summer’s day.

The drink combines apple juice and a berry medley with some Teavana Ice Passion Tango Tea. You’ll then get berries and oranges over the top, adding to the summery feeling. Cinnamon, licorice root, and lemongrass are among the natural flavors used and there is sangria syrup added, which is where many of the sugars and calories will come from.

Make sure you share your photos of this drink on social media when you get it. It’s one of those that the colors will always stand out and leave everyone feeling brighter and happier. This is one you’ll want to grab on your way home from work and replace Happy Hour for the taste of sangria without the booze.

The Starbucks summer drink has a total of 150 calories but no fats or caffeine. It’s the carbs that you’ll want to watch, with 37g of total carbs and 33g of sugar. There’s also 15mg of sodium.