5 Starbucks summer drinks you need to try

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#1. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

There’s nothing better than a cold brew coffee when you want something a little more traditional on a hot day. I say a little more traditional, as this one is still mixed with whipped cream and flavors, but you’ll get the traditionally made cold brews in this Starbucks summer drink.

You’re getting the Narino 70 Cold Brew served over ice with the vanilla sweet cream swirled into it. This gives you a mixture of caffeine and sweetness, curbing all your cravings and giving you a delicious start to the day. You’ll be able to keep up with all your summer activities, enjoying it on your way to work or afterwards when you just need something good after a long day.

Despite all the cream, there is some good news. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is better for you than the two frappuccinos above! The sugar count and calorie count are both lower than either of them, offering you a better option for your waistline. However, there is a higher caffeine count. After all, this is a cold brew, so you’re looking at traditional caffeine counts to give you the java you need to start your day.

You’ll get 110 calories from the drink, with 50 calories coming from fat. The total fat count is just 6g with just over half, at 3.5g, coming from saturated fat. There are no trans fats. The total carbs are 14g, with all coming from the sugars, and you get 20mg of cholesterol and 25mg of sodium. The total caffeine count is 185mg.

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Now it’s time to choose your Starbucks summer drinks. Will you opt for the five above or try one of the new caffeine-free additions? What’s your summer staple? Let us know in the comments below!