11 healthiest items on the McDonald’s menu

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While McDonald’s is known for its unhealthy burgers and salty fries, there are some healthier options to choose from. Here are11 of McDonald’s healthiest items available when you want food on the go without too many calories.

McDonald’s has a reputation for offering salty fries, greasy burgers, and high-calorie milkshakes. It’s food on the go and not considered the healthiest of options around. However, just because you’re looking for something low in calories or healthy for your diet doesn’t mean you have to skip the joint. There are low-calorie options on the list.

Here’s a look at the McDonalds menu with the 11 healthiest items to choose from. The good news is you don’t have to just have the salad! Initially, the food may not look healthy, but it’s all in the nutrients as well as the calories. You’ll be surprised at what you can eat.

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#1. The McDonalds Side Salad

Let’s get all the salads out of the way first, with the first on the list being the Side Salad. This is a small salad that can be chosen instead of the fries. So you can have your burger without the guilt of the added salt in the side.

The salad comes with lettuce and grape tomatoes, topping at just 15 calories for the whole lot. There’s also only 15mg of sodium, with no fat or saturated fat. Plus, think of the nutrients you get in the lettuce and tomatoes. Tomatoes are actually one of the best foods to eat for the nutrients!

#2. Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken

If you want something extra with your salad, the Southwest Salad is the way to go. This is a mixture of salad greens, with black beans, poblano peppers, roasted tomatoes, shredded cheese, lime juice, chile-lime tortilla strips with a cilantro lime glaze. You’re packing the salad with plenty of nutrients, helping to support the whole body.

You can add some grilled chicken to the salad for the protein if you want. However, if you choose not to then you’re saving a bit on the calories.

For the whole thing, you’re looking at a total of 350 calories and 1,070mg of sodium. You’ll get 12g of fat, of which 4.5g is saturated. This isn’t bad overall for a meal!