The Great British Baking Show seasons 8 – 10 to be added to Netflix

Netflix has acquired the rights to add The Great British Baking Show seasons 8 – 10 onto the streaming service.

Fans of The Great Breaking Show are going to be able to stream the baking show over and over again for as long as Netflix keeps it up on their service after they acquired the rights to air the new episodes in the US.

To be billed as a Netflix Original stateside, you can already stream season 5 -7 on the network, labeled as Collections 1 – 4.

Season 8, which has already aired in the UK, is to become available on Netflix at the end of the month, on August 31. All 10 episodes of the season are to be available.

Season 9 and 10 of The Great British Baking Show will also be added to Netflix but they need to be filmed first before that happens, obviously.

Season 9 is scheduled to premiere later this year whereas season 10 will not air until next year in the fall. It’s unclear if the episodes will be available the next day after they have aired in the UK or if it won’t be available until the new season has finished airing in the UK.

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There is also an agreement to air the holiday special episodes of the series on Netflix as well.

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