Potbelly Sandwich Works two new Cheesesteaks: Prov or Whiz?


Two new Cheesesteaks have arrived on the Potbelly Sandwich Works menu which has sparked a hefty debate. Prov or Whiz?

It’s quite refreshing to see people have a heated debate over what the best way is to cheese a Cheesesteak. Rather than the usual rubbish you see, like what is the tastiest salad? The answer is none, no salads are tasty. At least that is the train of thought here at Guilty Eats. Thanks, Potbelly Sandwich Works.

The restaurant chain that specializes in the sale of submarine sandwiches and they have gone and added two new Cheesesteaks to their menu. The Philly’s fave, the Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheese Whiz, and the Cheesesteak with Provolone.

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Officially available now in your local Potbelly Sandwich Works. The Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheese Whiz comprises of very thinly sliced marinated steak with green peppers and onions. It is then topped off with some lovely melty KRAFT Cheese Whiz and Italian seasoning. It all comes together on regular bread.

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For those who opt for the Cheesesteak with Provolone option. It comes with all of the tasty ingredients that the Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheese Whiz option has, the only difference is comes with melty provolone cheese on top.

So do you opt for Prov or Whiz?

This choice has sparked the Twitter debate that I eluded to earlier, you can see what some people have said, below.

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Will you be paying a visit to Potbelly Sandwich Works anytime soon? What option would you choose? The Philly’s fave, the Cheesesteak with KRAFT Cheese Whiz, or the Cheesesteak with Provolone. Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.