Someone stole a live lobster from Red Lobster. Honestly, this is no joke!


Yes, someone really did steal a live lobster from the Red Lobster tank. Yeah we’re confused on this one to.

How much do you love lobster? It seems that one customer loves it so much that she decided to steal a live lobster from one of the Red Lobster restaurants tanks.

Well, maybe it’s not the fact that she loves live lobster so much. Patron Kimberly Gabel was asked to leave the Florida restaurant because she was too noisy for the other guests. While leaving, she decided to steal one of the lobsters and took off.

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By the time the police caught up with Gabel, the lobster was gone and she had no idea what she’d done with it. Goodness even knows if she knew she’d even taken it; she was that drunk.

And she didn’t even care! According to her, she’d done nothing wrong, but the police decided that actually she had and arrested her.

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The big question is why she even decided to steal a lobster in the first place? Overlooking the fact that stealing is just wrong, what was she planning on doing with it? Would she have been able to cook it?

What happened to the lobster? Nobody knows. The police never mentioned it in the report from WFLA.

Quite honestly, this has to be one of the craziest stories of the year. You couldn’t make it up! And all because she was told to leave for being too disruptive.

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Do you know anyone who’s stolen a live lobster from a Red Lobster? What do you think happened to the lobster? Share your thoughts in the comments below.