Buffalo Wild Wings new burger means no more choosing between burger or wings


Burger or wings? When it comes to bar food, choosing between the two is hard. Well, Buffalo Wild Wings has made it so you never have to choose between the two again with its new burger.

Whenever you go out for food, there are two staples on every bar menu: burger and wings. Of course, you want both. That’s natural. They’re both extremely filling and mouth-watering good. Buffalo Wild Wings understands the struggle so much that it’s brought in a new burger where you don’t need to choose.

It’s all about the Buffalo Tender Stacked Burger. The only downside is that this is only available for a limited time only. Let’s make it clear that this must stay on the menu permanently. You just know you want it!

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Before we get into that, let’s just look at what this awesome burger is. The Buffalo Tender Stacked Burger literally combines your two favorite bar foods together. You get a burger topped with Buffalo Chicken Tenders.

The burger meal comes with spicy chicken, the standard lettuce, tomatoes, and onion, blue cheese crumbles, and a dressing. You can choose whether to have a mild, medium, or a hot sauce over your crispy chicken tenders and then it’s placed on top of the burger and topped out with a delicious brioche bun.

There’s even more good news. Buffalo Wild Wings has brought back the Jammin’ Jalapeno Sauce. This has been missing off the menu and everyone has complained so much through a Change.org campaign that the restaurant has agreed to bring it back.

Again, it’s only for a limited time only. But the message to share it’s returning is enough to make you laugh.

The two items will be around until Feb. 17. Until then, get as much as you can and make a point that both are necessary items.

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Which news are you most happy about? What sauce will you choose for your Buffalo Tender Stacked Burger? Share in the comments below.

The Buffalo Tender Stacked Burger and Jammin’ Japaleno Sauce are available until Feb. 17, 2019.