Fast Food restaurants open on Super Bowl Sunday 2019


Super Bowl Sunday is here and if you fancy grabbing a quick cheeseburger or slice of pizza will it be possible? Here are the Fast Food restaurants open on Super Bowl Sunday 2019.

Out of all the sporting events that take place Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sporting event of them all. With the game being such a big event, some shops and stores will decide to shut their doors for the day. Will fast food restaurants be closing their doors? Let’s take a look at the Fast Food restaurants open on Super Bowl Sunday 2019, and those, who are not.

The great news is, when it comes to fast food, very few places will be closed. All the big name fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, etc, will be open. They will remain open to trade as normal as if it was any other day.

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It is only Chick-fil-A, out of all the big name fast food chains, who will be closed during Super Bowl Sunday. The chain is traditionally closed on a Sunday and they will not be breaking that tradition just because it is the Super Bowl.

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Your local, less known, fast food restaurants are a little bit harder to determine if they are closed or not. With them being local to your own area many are family owned and may decide to close today.

What you are best off doing is quickly jumping on their social media profile, if they have one, to see if they have made an announcement. If they haven’t, look up their contact telephone number, you can do that via social media or a general internet search, you can then use that to get in touch with someone to inquire further.

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I hope this helps and if you are watching the Super Bowl today, have a great time.