5 Shows to watch if you like Hell’s Kitchen


Do you enjoy watching Hell’s Kitchen? Then you’ll likely love these five other cooking shows!

Cooking competition TV shows combine two great things: Food and competition. Because, if we’re being honest, we love to judge others from the comfort of our couch. Judging stressed aspiring chefs attempting to put a dish together knowing very well we can barely create a grilled cheese sandwich ourselves is a lot of fun. However, one of the many reasons we love Hell’s Kitchen is Gordon Ramsay.

Watching Ramsay go ballistic on the participating chefs is a show on its own. The Fox series has been around for 18 seasons, and it still hasn’t gotten old! But if you’re searching for other fun reality food competition shows, below are five you need to check out!

Five shows to watch if you like Hell’s Kitchen…

#1 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

If you love Gordon Ramsay, you need to give Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares a watch! This series is Ramsay’s British take on Kitchen Nightmares, and is unfortunately no longer on the air. That doesn’t mean you can no longer watch, though. All seven seasons are available to stream on Amazon.

#2 Top Chef

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares may no longer be dishing out new episodes, but Top Chef is still airing and you can catch it on Bravo. The series premiered on the network on March 2006 and remains one of the most popular cooking competition shows today.

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Top Chef features chefs competing in various culinary challenges, all judged by a panel of celebrity chefs and other professionals in the food and wine business. One contestant (sometimes more) are eliminated in each episode, so the stakes are high. The big winner, or top chef, receives $100,000.

The series airs Thursday nights only on Bravo.

#3 Chopped

From the Food Network comes Chopped, an American reality-based cooking game show. It’s the lightest one on this list. So if, for some reason, yelling at competitors and high stress isn’t your thing, you should probably check out Chopped, instead.

Chopped sees four chefs competing against each other for their chance to win $10,000. The series airs Tuesday nights only on the Food Network.

#4 Cupcake Wars

Also from the Food Network comes Cupcake Wars. But, unfortunately, this show is no longer on the air. Perhaps it was too cute to stand the competition? We’re not sure, but you can still watch all the episodes, streaming free on Hulu (with a subscription).

The series premiered on August 2009 and was hosted by Justin Willman. Contestants were tasked with creating unique and deliciously tasting cupcakes. Just like Food Network’s Chopped, Cupcake Wars pitted four contestants and the winner received $10,000.

#5 Cutthroat Kitchen

Cutthroat Kitchen is the third Food Network series on the list, but did you really expect any less from the mother of all cooking shows? No. Unfortunately though, with so many cooking shows, some have to go. Cutthroat Kitchen concluded after 15 seasons.

Seven seasons of Cutthroat Kitchen are available on Hulu, where you can watch for free if you have a subscription to the service. The series was hosted by Alton Brown and featured four chefs competing in a three-round elimination cooking competition. Unlike most cooking competition shows, though, each chef received $25,000 at the start of the show. The chef left standing is allowed to keep the money they did not spend in the auctions.

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Which cooking competition show is your current favorite? Did we miss any great ones that need to be on this list? Let us know in the comments!