A Harry Potter-inspired beer festival was created just for you – and it has Butterbeer!


A Harry Potter-themed beer festival is coming to a city near you, so grab your wands and prepare for the party of a lifetime.

If you’ve never tasted Butterbeer (yes, it exists in the muggle world and YES, it’s just as good as you’ve always hoped it would be), your time has come. It’s just one of the many delights coming to the United States as part of the Harry Potter-themed Wizards and Witches Beer Festival.

Thanks to Rock Star Beer Festivals, fans of age now have the chance to attend a festival created just for them.

The festival is inspired by the popular fantasy franchise that has captivated wannabe witches and wizards of all ages around the world in the past few decades. Tickets cost $35 per person.

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Rock Star Beer Festivals’ Facebook page includes a list of events, and you can purchase your tickets from there. Officially announced locations and dates include:

  • Denver, Colorado: Feb. 9 and 23
  • Portland, Oregon: Feb. 15 and 16
  • Seattle, Washington: March 1, 15 and 16
  • Phoenix, Arizona: March 9
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: March 22 and 23
  • Louisville, Kentucky: March 30
  • Austin, Texas: May 11

Attendees are encouraged to dress up. There will be beer (obviously), food, trivia, and plenty more fun. The only rule is that you have to be at least 21 years old to attend.

Can’t make it to one of these festivals or too young to attend? Traditional Butterbeer is nothing more than butterscotch syrup, vanilla ice cream, and cream soda depending on the recipe you choose — and it only takes a few minutes to make!

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There are many different versions of the drink, though. Check out the Butterbeer recipes closest to what you’d find in Hogsmeade. And if you’re lucky enough to snag tickets to one of these events, enjoy a drink on our behalf. Have fun!

Have you ever tried traditional Butterbeer? Have you ever made an “adult” version? Tell us about it!