Starbucks has two Harry Potter drinks if you know where to look


Starbucks is all about the secret menu. Move over mermaid fraps. It’s all about the Harry Potter drinks this year.

Can you believe Harry Potter turns 20 in the States this year? It turns 21 in the UK. This is a major franchise that just isn’t slowing down. It’s not surprising that Starbucks has jumped on the bandwagon. You can now get your hands on a couple of Harry Potter drinks when you turn to the secret menu.

Yes, skip over those mermaid fraps. It’s all about the magic of Hogsmeade and you don’t need to race through walls and Kings Cross pillars to get there. You just need to know what to ask for.

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You can get Butterbeer Frappuccinos and Butterbeer Lattes. So, there’s something throughout the year and depending on your interests.

Not sure what’s added into them? Let’s break down the ingredients.

Butterbeer Frap

The Harry Potter frap starts with a drizzle of caramel in the cup lining. Then you want a Crème Frap base. Make sure you get whole milk. No diets allowed for the delicious taste of this drink.

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Add three pumps of caramel shot, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, and drizzle with the caramel to finish. You’ll need to adjust the number of pumps for the size of the drink.

Butterbeer Latte

Prefer something hot? Then you’ll want to get a latte. This Harry Potter inspired drink from Starbucks is two shots of espresso and two pumps of caramel syrup. You’ll then need to add three pumps each of toffee nut and cinnamon dolce syrup.

The latte needs to be made with whole milk for the full butterbeer taste. Don’t forget the cream and caramel crumbs to finish.

Yes, these drinks are packed with sugar. They’ll be great for the odd treat, like the next time you’re at Comic-Con.

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What do you order from Starbucks? Will you try one of these delicious Butterbeer drinks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.