Olive oil and balsamic free samples at Creede Olive Oil Company in Colorado


Olive oil, balsamic, cookies, you can drink any drop and sample any crumb at Creede Olive Oil Company. You can sample to your heart’s contents in this culinary heaven.

If you’re in love with longevity like I am, you probably slather your meals with olive oil. Fun fact: Olive oil has been attributed to the longevity of Italians. But the oil isn’t just loved for health properties, but for flavor.

Located in the heart of the majestic San Juan Mountains, Creede, Colorado has many homely shops. One of my favorites is the Creede Olive Oil company. Good stores have free samples. An exceptional store surrounds you with free samples. When you walk in, a free sample table will welcome you.

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But best of all, there are free samples directly from the shelf with available cubes of bread for dipping.

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So many infused olive oil flavors, from Blood Orange, Butter, Chipotle, Jalapeno, White Truffle, and honest to God Bacon. There’s a bounty of balsamic, from traditional balsamic, white balsamic, and balsamic hot sauces.

And there’s a buttload of salts to sample. Black Truffle, Cyprus, Espresso, Lemon, Pacific Flake, Roasted Garlic, Sundried, and many more. Pretty much, if you name it, there is probably going to be a free sample there for you.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

You can also try out some of the crunchy Flatbread sticks. There is a huge selection, just like everything else at Creede Olive Oil Company for you to try.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

Oh, and there are cookies. Lot’s of cookies. As in, if you are a massive fan of cookies then you will love the huge assortment being put on offer for everyone to try out at the Creede Olive Oil Company.

Image Credit: Caroline Cao

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What flavor olive oil would you try at Creede Olive Company? What unheard salt flavor are you thinking of? Shout out your thoughts by dropping a comment just below for everyone to hear.