Best sandwiches and burgers in Creede, Colorado


Small-town Creede, Colorado is filled with delectable sandwiches and burgers. There are various shops to choose from.

When you’re trudging through the snow at an altitude of 8852 feet on Creede, you require energy. Carbs and meat are the best sources of calories. While Creede is quiet during the winter season, many shops are open with their own aromas. Winter may be cold, but it is the best season to eat out in Creede if you are an introverted solo eater like me.

In no particular order, here are the sandwiches I had while vacationing at Creede, Colorado:

Creede Caldera at Tommyknockers Tavern

The well-shredded beef brisket sits between a Kaishi roll. The bread is sweet, the meat is sweet, and the chips aren’t salty.

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Cafe Chicken at Cafe Ole’

Chicken salad between a croissant is good. What makes this sandwich special is biting down on the grape-flavored chicken. The walnuts crunched nicely beneath my teeth for a nuttiness. By the end, I saved some chips for last so I could use them to scrape off the remnants of the cream.

Meatloaf Sandwich at Arps

A meatloaf sandwich requires fork skills. While the ordinary toast didn’t feel largely Texan to me (speaking as Texan), the meatloaf was very eggy and full of substance. The BBQ sauce is thick and filling.

Elk Burger at Kip’s Grill

Want to try elk instead of beef? It is a very well-cooked patty. My favorite part is the tomato-packed salsa at the side which I slathered over my patty. The large portion of fries that come with it is crispy.

Next. Truffle Fries are best fancy fries at Arps in Creede, Colorado. dark

What sandwiches or burgers would you have at Creede, Colorado? Are there any spots in the area you recommend? Let us know in the comments!