An iconic Pizzeria is finally coming to the US


Fed up with your normal pizza restaurant? Well, an iconic Pizzeria all the way from Naples, Italy, is finally making its way over to the US.

We all love pizza, there is no denying that. But pizza can easily become stale if we keep having the same slice from the same place over and over again. However, finding a new place to grab a slice is far from easy. You can easily visit a restaurant who serve slices from heaven and another that serves utter garbage. Thankfully, there is iconic Pizzeria finally coming to the US and they truly serve pizza that is made by the gods.

Pizza Da Michele, an iconic Pizzeria that can be found in Naples, Italy, is making it’s over to the United States in the Spring of this year. They are expected to be setting up shop in Hollywood, CA. It will the first, of what we hope will be many, storefronts in the United States.

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While Pizza Da Michele is known for their pizza, there is plenty more on the menu for you to choose from. With the restaurant serving all day, you can expect a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu being offered.

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Mornings are expected to start of with your typical Italian style breakfast and coffee. The rest of the menu is expected to contain many dishes that are served at the original Naples Pizza Da Michele location.

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What do you think of Pizza Da Michele coming to the United States? Have you visited the original restaurant in Naples? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.