KFC is using Mac-and-Cheese as a bun for their Zinger Burger


KFC is pushing the boundaries of fast food once again by creating the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger. A burger which uses Mac-and-Cheese as a bun.

Fast food is starting to become a bit dull. At least that’s what KFC seem to think. They keep creating some interesting new menu options. And their latest, the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger, involves taking Mac-and-Cheese and using it as the bun.

Yeah you read that right. They are using Mac-and-Cheese as the bun. It’s just as crazy, yet a must want, as the burger stuffed with Cheetos that KFC recently added to the menu.

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Unfortunately, the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger, which has turned the ultimate comfort food into buns by molding Mac-and-Cheese and turning them into cheesy patties before deep frying and then sandwiching a Zinger fillet, crispy turkey bacon, lettuce and KFC cheese sauce between them, is only available in KFC Singapore.

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The hope is the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger will make it’s way over the US. There is no official plans from the fast food chain to bring the menu item over to the US anytime soon. But with enough demand, it could encourage the big wigs at KFC to introduce the menu item world wide.

So start sharing, tweeting, and spreading the message of the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger. The only way it is being added to other KFC menus around the word is by getting enough people demanding it is introduced to the menu.

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What do you think of the Mac-N’-Cheese Zinger Burger being sold in Singapore? Would you like to see it come over to he US? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.