Why does fast food always look better in commercials?


It’s a question many fast-food lovers have been asking since the dawn of time — Why does fast food always seem to look better in commercials?

When you look at a fast food commercial, what stands out the most is the presentation. How the burger looks so perfectly made as if the fast food Gods descended on set and made it themselves. How the fries look crispy, and the soda looks bubbly.

Those commercials hook you in on the product they’re hawking, and once you get to the place and order that very same meal, you get a burger that looks like it was either run over by three Mack trucks and a bus, or is on the brink of falling apart as soon as you open the carton. Fries that are soaked with grease, and a drink machine that just so happens to have run out of your preferred drink.

“Why couldn’t this meal look like the one on the commercial??” you shout to yourself, and, quite frankly, we’ve blurted out the same thing many times over.

The answer to that may surprise you.

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You see, many fast food outlets use food stylists to dress up their products. One such stylist, Ellie Stern, revealed in Money Talks News recently that the patties used in the promo shots for the burger are not cooked all the way, which makes the patty look juicier and plump, unlike the cooked ones we will receive.

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As for the burger itself, most stylists use pins to hold the burger up, making it look more presentable. So, to recap, the Big Mac that you see on the tube is both undercooked and is being propped up by a pin.


Oh, there’s more!

To showcase ice cream, stylists use heated cotton balls and coat them with glue, because it lasts longer in promos shoots, and some of them are even made out of Play-Doh.

Yes, Play-Doh.

Also,  to add that fizzle to the soda, stylists put antacids in them, so anyone on the crew who is thirsty and take a sip of that soda, is probably going to spend a good chunk of their day in the bathroom.

So, case in point, when it comes to fast food commercials, don’t believe everything you see. Sometimes that sloppy burger, grease-soaked fries, and fizzy drink are much better than the ones presented to us on TV and billboards.

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Will this make you look at fast food differently? Did you know of any of these secrets before today? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.