SNL’s cooking show sketch is basically Nailed It!


SNL debuted a hilarious sketch that reminded us of Netflix’s Nailed It!

NBC’s Saturday Night Live is known for its LOL-funny sketches it gifts us each Saturday night. And the latest episode, which Don Cheadle hosted with Gary Clark Jr. as the musical guest, wasn’t any different! Saturday’s SNL featured the segment Extreme Baking Championship, a sketch spoofing cooking shows. But there’s something very familiar about it…

Even though the sketch is supposedly from “the Food Network,” we beg to differ! If you loved the sketch and wish it was a real show, we’ve got great news for you, it is! Extreme Baking Championship is pretty much Nailed It! on Netflix. If this is the first time you hear about Nailed It!, you’re missing out.

First, let’s check out the sketch from SNL

Now, to compare, here’s a trailer for Nailed It! on Netflix: 

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You see, the similarities are too many! And we love it! Nailed It! is great, but the funniest part of the SNL sketch are how the failed cake creations hilariously come to life. Literally. But the Netflix series Nailed It! wins because it’s a real show! Not to mention, I’m sure most of us can relate to failing big time in the kitchen.

Have you ever tried to bake a cake, or any platter, and it turned out to not only be a disaster, but it doesn’t look anything like the original? If so, that’s what Nailed It! is all about.

Next. Watch Nailed It! Mexico on Netflix. dark

Earlier this month, Netflix debuted a Nailed It! spinoff, Nailed It! Mexico. Yes, it’s in Spanish, but don’t worry, there are subtitles! It’s also not only a great way to practice your Spanish, but the more foodie shows we watch, the better.