Why fast food restaurants are going all in on the bacon


It seems as though everywhere you look these days, bacon is on every single fast food product. Why is that so? Well, we attempt to answer that question.

It seems that everywhere you look these days, there’s bacon, taunting, tantalizing, and angling for your love and affection. Fast food restaurants are sure pushing bacon hard. Just look at McDonald’s, who has decorated some of their timeless classics with bacon, and has even gone so far as to put on a “Bacon Hour” promotion.

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain going go-go-gaga for bacon. One of their fierce rivals, Wendy’s, has long pinned its sales on the cherished pork product, and they’ve recently upped the ante with McDonald’s, giving away free Baconator burgers and fries for anyone who orders from the DoorDash apt.

They even took some time to poke fun at Micky D’s over their sudden devotion to bacon:

Mind you, these aren’t Wendy’s discount Bacon Jr. Cheeseburgers they’re giving away. The Baconator is one of their signature burgers, and they are giving it away for free! That begs to ask, why are chain restaurants suddenly going all in on bacon?

The answer lies in President Donald Trump’s trade war.

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Because of China and Mexico’s retaliatory tariffs on American products, pork exporters here at home now have a glut of pork products they need to get rid of. With the surplus of bacon, prices have fallen, which, in turn, makes it cheap for fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s to buy bacon in bulk.

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Now, both Wendy’s and McDonald’s told Business Insider that their bacon-heavy promotions are not related to the low pork prices, but one can’t help but notice that the low prices on bacon have certainly helped.

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Regardless, we’re all in for “bacon on everything,” and it’s just one more reason why this is a wonderful time to be alive.