The biggest Starbucks location is huge and every coffee lover’s dream


A four-story Starbucks? Yes, please! Read all about the biggest location for our favorite coffee and tea shop!

I have been to a 2-story Target mega store, and it’s a dream! But when I learned Starbucks opened a FOUR-story shop, I couldn’t believe it. Unfortunately, it’s not anywhere near where I live, or you live, probably. Where is this Starbucks located at? Japan!

Of course Japan gets the best of everything. Consider us at Guilty Eats extremely jealous. Four-stories? I would love to get lost in the building, surrounded by the sweet, sweet smell of coffee and tea and cookies and pastries.

This location has had a soft opening, but officially opens its doors to all customers on Feb. 28. Will you be booking a trip to Japan for it? Maybe not just to visit Starbucks, but if you ever happen to be in the area, this new Starbucks installment is a must-see!

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You can find this new Starbucks in the Nakameguro neighborhood, where they’ll be offering 60 new coffee and tea drinks, exclusively there. Ugh, the jealousy increases!

Here’s the breakdown of the building, brought to you by Pop Sugar:

The first floor serves pastry goodies at Japan’s first Princi Italian Bakery. On the second floor, you’ll find “the world’s largest (28 feet) Teavana Bar,” while tea-inspired drinks at Arriviamo are on the third floor. This is also the first cocktail bar at a Starbucks in Japan. Finally, journey on to the fourth floor to find a lounge. Sounds fancy!

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When will a huge Starbucks store like that open in the US? Fingers crossed! In the meantime, a quick stop at the drive-thru will do, I suppose.