McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites have officially hit the menu


There is a new item on the McDonald’s menu for you to try and they are oh so cheesy. McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites have officially hit the menu.

If you have been getting a little bit bored of the McDonald’s menu recently and looking for something new to try then I’ve got some good news for you. McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites are officially on the menu right now for you to order up.

The bad news, they’re only available in McDonald’s UK stores.

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According to Delish, the new McDonald’s menu item is only going to be available in the UK for now, they may come over to the US but there is no clear intention of that happening.

Each order of the McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites will see you gifted with 10 of the bites, which are herb-battered and deep fried. A tomato sauce for dipping is also provided.

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McDonald’s UK is currently running a Global Rotating Menu, which sees a new international menu item be added every two to three months. The Mozzarella Bites are part of that rotating menu. Other countries, such as France, Spain, and Canada have been doing something similar. Which has seen menu items like, the Goat Cheese Burger, the Double BBQ Chicken Sandwich, and the Egg BLT McMuffin be added to their respective menus.

The US may get some of these items added to their menu one day. If any of these are added you will hear about it right here at Guilty Eats.

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What do you think of the McDonald’s Mozzarella Bites? Do you think they will ever be added to the US menu? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.