Lucky Chow TV Season 3: The Best of East and West Medicine


Western and Eastern remedies team up. Culinary nomad and Lucky Chow TV host Danielle Chang talked “Beauty, Wellness, and the Best of East and West.”

For 2,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been a staple of Chinese culture, and it’s spreading to the West. Lucky Chow TV host Danielle Chang sought to explore the wellness benefits of these benefits and how they ingrain themselves into Western society with the help of suppliers who have ties to the Asian culture.

To exposit, TCM emphasizes prevention. Chang notes that Western medicine is concerned with curing. While Western pills and treatments do have their place in society, some turn to Eastern properties to deal with their afflictions or prevent them.

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The Asia Society at NYC screened an episode of the third season of PBS’s Lucky Chow TV, a show that covers global culinary revolution originating from Asia. In this episode, Chang traveled around, from  China, Chinatown in Manhattan, and Seoul, and the Lower East Side of Manhattan to see how storeowners were distributing TCM to their customers.

After the screening, Chang interviewed two feature figures in the episode who made it their mission to distribute Eastern remedies into New York life.

First was Sophia Tsao, bearing red, the color of Chinese luck. She is the director of Po Wing in Chinatown, a specialty Chinese food and traditional health product market established in 1978. The episode shows her working alongside her mother and showing her assortment of ginseng (great for digestion!) and other goods.

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Beside Tsao was Stanley George of Stanley’s Pharmacy in a crisp white uniform that could double as a coach tracksuit.  In 2013, he opened his Pharmacy, a unique “pharmaceutical practice oasis for New Yorkers” as its profile puts it. George has quite the suave personality, as he whipped up a special juice for Cheng in the episode.

Final note at the Q & A: everyone has a different body, not one body the same. No one pill, spice, or herb will work for everyone. If you choose to try Eastern medicine to supplement Western treatments, it won’t have results overnight and will take a process of trial and error.

After the talk, we enjoyed a reception of unique tastes. Thank Kimbap Lap catering for the spicy Pork Kimbap Roll and Yubu Kimbap Roll, sitting atop Korean Japchae Noodles.

Lucky Chow can be streamed on PBS.

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What Eastern remedies would you sample?