Target’s new collection of wine is cheap, but do they taste any good?


Target has released a new exclusive line of wines, The Collection, and they’re just $9.99 a bottle! But do they taste any good?

We hear $10 wine and think, yes please! So when Target announced nearly a week ago that they would be releasing a line of wines called The Collection, shoppers ran to the wine aisle (myself included). Several days later, we’ve (very happily) taste-tested all five wines and are here to share our quick thoughts on each!

Should you stick to your current cheap wine from Walmart or switch over to Target’s The Collection? Here’s our opinion…

Bad news, first. None of the wines blew our minds enough to immediately want to switch over to The Collection or declare this new line of wines our new favorite. But two from the five did stand out as wines we’ll gladly purchase again the next time we’re at the store. Will we go to Target specifically for these wines, though? Probably not.

Let’s star with the three we just weren’t into:

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The Collection Red Blend Red Wine: I was the most disappointed in this one because I was truly hoping to find some good and cheap red wine. Unfortunately, this drink reminds me of Welch’s grape juice more than anything else. It’s also a bit too sweet.

The Collection Chardonnay: There’s nothing memorable about this drink, though I suppose it’s not terrible.

The Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine: It has a nice scent, but I’m in it for the flavor and that’s where it lacks.

Now for the winners:

The Collection Pinot Grigio: Faint citrus tones are detected, but the flavor is present and isn’t half bad! It has a nice balance of sour and fruity. Goes great with dinner!

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The Collection Rosé: This one is my personal favorite. Enjoy it with dinner or a glass or two alone. It’s crisp, but not rough and the most flavorful of the bunch.

Where do you currently shop for cheap, tasty wine? Let us know in the comments!