Kate McKinnon nails Momo as a fast food mascot on Saturday Night Live


Watch as Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon becomes Momo and makes her into a fast food mascot. Trust us, you will be laughing your butt off.

It was only a matter of time before Momo became a target for Saturday Night Live, and this past Saturday, Kate McKinnon became the infamous internet creature and transformed it into a scary fast food mascot.

In the Saturday Night Live sketch, the show ran a commercial for the fictional fast-food chain Bok Bok’s, who sell two-piece chicken dinners for $8.99 each. Even more terrifying than the price for that two-piece, however, is the chain’s mascot, “Bok Bok,” which bears some resemblance to Momo.

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Before showing the character, the fictional chain wanted to remind everyone that, although “Bok Bok” looks like Momo, she definitely isn’t her in a chicken suit, as she doesn’t “feed on children’s souls.” She’s just a “human-bird hybrid who loves the company of children.”

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All “Bok Bok” wants to do is sell chicken, to the kids, of course, and do it at lightning-fast speed, so fast that it will creep both kids and adults out. The commercial goes on to see the Momo-like “Bok Bok” try and feed a drumstick to a little boy, and, as a woman is ordering food for her family, she looks back in the mirror, only to see “Bok Bok” in the backseat with her kids.

McKinnon totally nailed the Momo character, and it was nice to see Saturday Night Live have a little fun with this character. Check out the sketch below, and get yourself down to Bok Bok’s for some good chicken!

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So, would you eat at Bok Bok’s? Let me know in the comments below or on our social media pages!