This week’s Chopped preview: Something fishy, something sweet


Chopped Season 38, Episode 13 challenges its chefs to prepare a traditional Passover dish with a few non-traditional additions.

This week’s hour-long episode, “Gefilte Dish,” will begin with a particularly fishy appetizer with — as always — some unexpected ingredients mixed in. We’ve got all you need to know about the upcoming episode, below.

According to the episode description: “The chefs get some surprises in the ingredient baskets, starting with the appetizer round, when they have to make gefilte fish work with something super sweet and something soft and salty.”

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There’s also pork on the horizon in the entrée round, and a collection of dessert ingredients that only the best chef will be able to put together in just the right way. Gefilte fish is a traditional dish that starts with a form of white fish, sometimes salmon depending on the variation. The fish is deboned, ground, and poached, often formed into patties or balls and served with a side of spicy dipping sauce (often a horseradish-based mixture).

In some variations, a small amount of sugar is added to make the fish slightly sweet. Some cooks prefer to make it salty. Knowing those sneaky mystery baskets, though, the “sweet” ingredient chefs will have to work with will be just a little more complicated than a pinch of sugar.

Fishy, salty, AND sweet? We’ll just have to see who can pull it off and who will go home empty-handed.

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The chef who makes it through the final round of the episode will win the usual $10,000 prize if they can prepare an appetizer, entrée, and dessert impressive enough to wow the judges.

Chopped is back tonight at 9 ET on Food Network.