Lent meatless meal tips, from seafood to vegan


Preparing meatless meals during Lent can be challenging, but our tips will help, from a cabbage recipe for St. Patrick’s Day to seafood.

For many, the season of Lent means coming up with meatless meals. We’ve got help in our tips below, ranging from a cabbage recipe to honor St. Patrick’s Day to seafood for Fridays.

Meatless meal ideas include cabbage recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

While everything from noodles with cheese to seafood can fit into your Lent meatless meal menus, a cabbage dish for St. Patrick’s Day can celebrate two holidays at once.

Diversifying is important for those used to eating a variety of meats in other seasons.

So how about combining luck plus St. Patrick’s Day in this noodle recipe from Mr. Food Test Kitchen. This quick, inexpensive, and easy recipe includes cabbage, noodles, onion, and spices.

Hook up seafood for a Lent meatless meal

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If you view Lent meatless meals as defined by fish sticks, you’re missing out on an ocean of seafood options!

You can stop counting down the days until Easter signals eating meat again when you have different seafood recipes at hand. Food Republic, for example, has 15 recipes that range from easy ways to make use of mussels to a marinated sole to scrumptious shrimp to (wait for it) your very own homemade fried fish sandwich that can outdo Chick-fil-A!

Vegetarian meals can add variety to Lent

Plant-based cooking is increasingly popular, points out the Houston Chronicle.

Rather than the old-fashioned  meatless Friday options of tuna casserole and fish sticks, more consumers are experimenting during Lent with everything from tofu wraps to exotic ways to cook eggplant and rice to veggie burgers.

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“We see an interest in dishes from a broader set of cuisines around the world that are largely vegetarian cuisines,” said Jack Bishop, chief creative officer at America’s Test Kitchen.

Lent offers an opportunity to experiment with a variety of vegetables and grains, and it might just turn into a new way of eating, says Bishop.

“It’s a time to celebrate and innovate with the notion that, come Easter, you can decide to return to your old habits, or have some new habits you’re going to stick with,” summed up Bishop.

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Do you think you’ll experiment with plant-based meatless meals for Lent? Share your plans in our comments section.