Chick-fil-A new menu items: Where to find cheese sauce, guacamole, pasta, and more new fast food choices


Chick-fil-A is brightening your life with new menu items! From cheese sauce to guacamole, find out where you can try their fast food additions.

Hello, Chick-fil-A cheese sauce. That’s what some lucky eaters are saying as they discover cheese sauce on the menu.

Where to find cheese sauce and what it’s like

Chick-fil-A now is offering a thick, reportedly delicious, cheese sauce, but only in certain areas of the United States.

Among those lucky folks enjoying the sauce are 190 restaurant eaters in the Northeast and Midwest states, according to Fox News.

The sauce is about $1.19 for each packet, and Twitter is temptingly overflowing with reports from those who have tried the new treat.

Some on Twitter were kind enough to express pity for those outside the regions where the company is selling the not-so-secret cheese sauce.

But the new menu additions don’t end with cheese sauce.

Various new menu selections available in different regions

Depending on where you live, you might find everything from guacamole to mac and cheese on your local Chick-fil-A menu.

Some locations of the fast food chain are featuring guacamole, that delicious avocado mixture that used to be found primarily at Mexican restaurants. Now some Southern California Chick-fil-A restaurants have guacamole as well.

In certain areas of Texas and New Mexico, look for jalapeno poppers at your local chain.

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Can we talk pasta, please?

That delicious mixture of cheese and pasta noodles known as mac’n’cheese by fans is also showing up at some Chick-fil-A locations.

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The macaroni and cheese mixture initially got tested as a side item in Baltimore, Maryland, Greensboro, North Carolina, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Phoenix, Arizona, according to USA Today.

Chick-fil-A is testing to decide whether the cheesy comfort food will be offered permanently nationwide.

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What do you think about the cheese sauce and new additions? If they’re offered in your area, would you try them?