Pizza flavored nuggets are here and life is better for it


Pizza flavored chicken nuggets? Yes, please! Where and how soon can we get some?

Despite there being an endless amount of food options, I’d be lying if I said I always switch it up. In reality, I tend to stick to pizza, burgers, and more pizza, with the occasional Taco Tuesday. As for chicken nuggets? It’s never on my shopping list or on my mind as often.

No specific reason other than I love pizza a lot more. It’s a comfort food and it’s so easy to pop in the oven or place an order for delivery. But now, we have a life changer: Pizza flavored chicken nuggets! Alexa, add this to my shopping list.

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Which brand is selling these delights? Tyson! We already know and trust Tyson to give us some frozen chicken treats. It’s my go-to brand already whenever I do decide to buy a pack, ya know, for the kids. These pizza nuggets, though? Maybe not so much for the kids and more for me.

The packaging states the pizza flavored chicken nuggets are “nugget shaped chicken patties coated with pizza flavored breading.” Yum, we can’t wait to try them.

These are being sold at your local grocery store, but be sure to check Tyson online before you make the trip just to double-check their in stock.

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Tyson also recently began to sell Meal Kits, which are self explainable — quick, easy to make, packaged meals. Some of them include Four Cheese Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Dinner, Sweet Chipotle Chicken & Vegetable Has Dinner, and Seasoned Steak Fillet with Mushrooms Dinner. I’m more excited for the nuggets, though, it’s time to stock up!