Burger King Cheesy Tots are now stuffed with bacon


Burger King Cheesy Tots have been upgraded. The fast food chain has decided to stuff the cheesy tots with bits of bacon.

Everyone seems to be adding bacon to their menu items right. McDonald’s recently announced bacon was being added to three of their most popular menu items. Wendy’s got in on the action as well, and now Burger King is getting in on the action as well by upgrading their Cheesy Tots.

Burger King brought Cheesy Tots back to the menu several months ago in 2018. An instant hit amongst customers, it’s not surprising they have stayed on the menu.

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Now customers have a choice between the Cheesy Tots and the bacon version of the amazing snack. Chew boom where the first to report how Burger King had upgraded the Cheesy Tots to a bacon version.

Snack size bites of potato and melted cheese, now with added bacon, it is coated in a bread crumb layer being fried up to a crispy golden brown. A side of ranch dressing is offered with each serving.

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They are expected to be sold at around $2.99 a serving. That, of course, can vary from location to location so you want to check prior to placing an order with Burger King.

It is not 100% clear if the Bacon Cheesy Tots will be on the menu for a long period of time like the Cheesy Tots. There is a reason why all the fast food chains are suddenly using bacon, one that means all the new bacon upgraded options are only going to be around for a limited time.

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What do you think of the Burger King Bacon Cheesy Tots? Will you be ordering some the next time you pay the fast food chain a visit? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.