Pizza Hut is bringing back a legendary menu item and fans think they know what it is


In the words of Pizza Hut, “A Legend Returns,” to the menu and fans are pretty certain on what the returning menu item is.

Pizza Hut is bringing back a legendary menu item to the menu and they are challenging fans to work out what the menu item is before the big reveal. The pizza chain announced via Twitter that “A Legend Returns,” and they are challenging internet detectives to work out what it could be.

The chain has even set up a countdown timer. Once the timer hits zero, the returning menu item will be revealed. It’s also an effective taunting technique as well for all those playing detective.

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Fans are pretty certain they have already figured out what the legendary menu item is. The famous P’Zone.

If you have never heard of it before, the P’Zone is effectively the Pizza Hut version of a Calzone Pizza. An oven baked folded pizza.

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Calzone’s have always been a huge hit amongst foodies but have routinely been avoided by fast food chains and delivery restaurants. Usually, you can only find Calzone being served in specialist sit in restaurants.

This is, of course, just the leading theory on what the legendary menu item is returning to Pizza Hut. It very well could turn out to be something else entirely.

We will know soon enough for definite as the Pizza Hut countdown timer is getting ever closer to zero.

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So, what do you think the returning menu items will be? Do you think it will be the P’Zone making the return? Or would you like to see something else instead? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts below.